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2016 High School Winners

1st Place
Alby Alex
Clarkstown High School North

2nd place
Anna Evans
Livonia High School

3rd place
Bradley Winograd
Clarkstown High School South

2015 Middle School Winners

1st Place
Maggie Griffiths
Chittenango Middle School

2nd place
Kyle Funk
South Kortright Central School District

3rd place
Baily Chapin
Poly Prep Country Day School

2015 Elementary School Winners

1st Place
Emma Dibble
South Kortright Central

2nd Place
Brayden Tappin
Sachem Central School District

3rd Place
Alexa Vera
Sachem Central School District

2015 Primary School Winners

1st Place
Emma Sicari
South Kortright Central School District

2nd Place
Elsie Carey
South Kortright Central School District

3rd Place
Lily Martin
South Kortright Central School District

Fall Conference Dates

November 3 - 4, 2017

November 2-3, 2018

November 15-16, 2019


2017 Poster Contest Rules


Any NY State student enrolled in a public, parochial, or private school, regardless of grade, who is less than 21 years of age before the deadline date, may submit an entry. Only INDIVIDUAL students may submit entries (no “partner” or “team” entries). In order to give every school district an equal chance, only 12 posters will be accepted from any district. It is suggested that school districts have a preliminary contest to decide which 12 posters are sent. If the district sends more than 12 entries, it will be disqualified.


The posters in each classification will be displayed at the 67th AMTNYS Annual Meeting at The Adam's Mark in Buffalo, NY from November 3-4, 2017. The participants of the 2017 AMTNYS Poster Contest work will be displayed at the Legislative Building in Albany at the concourse level of the Empire State Plaza in April 2018. If school districts would like the posters returned please contact your Assembly person to collect the posters by 4 PM on the last display date, and then have them return the posters to your school. If you or your Assembly person are unable to collect your schools posters on that day, please contact Stephanie Graseck for a later date to collect the posters.


Winners in each grade classification will be decided at the conference by the poster contest committee. If you wish to participate on the poster contest committee, please contact Stephanie Graseck. There will be a first prize of $75 and a second prize of $50 for each grade classification. The prizes will be forwarded to the winners at their school.


Anyone interested in having the posters returned should make arrangements with the Poster Contest Contact person, Stephanie Graseck, prior to the annual conference. Due to postage costs, we will not be able to return the posters by mail.


  • Designs should be submitted on quality tag, poster, illustration board, or heavy paper.
  • Overall poster size can be no smaller than 12 x 18 inches and no larger than 22 x 28.
  • Poster thickness may be no more than 3/8”.
  • No 3-D objects may protrude from the surface of the poster (including beads, buttons, yarn, etc.)
  • *NEW* posters can be a digitally created picture (using paint-shop pro, gimp or photo-shop)
  • Posters must be illustrated on the vertical axis only.
  • Grade Classification must be indicated on the FRONT OF THE POSTER as follows:
P for grades K-2 M for grades 6-8
E for grades 3-5 S for grades 9-12
  • The poster's theme is "Full STEAM Ahead!". The slogan can be reworded, provided that the concept itself is not altered.
  • An entry information form (see below) must be placed ON THE BACK of each entry. It must be legibly printed and completely filled in, including a circle around the correct grade classification. If the entry form is placed on the front of the poster, it will be disqualified.

Completed poster designs must be postmarked by midnight SEPTEMBER 30, 2017, and received by October 7th.

Mail Entries to: Stephanie Graseck 16 Myrtle Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

If the person mailing the posters would like to include an e-mail address, he/she will be contacted confirming receipt of the posters.

We look forward to your participation!






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