About Us

The purpose of AMTNYS is:

  • To ensure better coordination of all activities of mathematics groups in the state.
  • To afford a medium of exchange views regarding the teaching of mathematics
  • To further the cooperative study of problems relating to the teaching of mathematics at all four levels,elementary, junior high, senior high and college.
  • To encourage active interest in mathematics and mathematics education.
  • To serve as liaison between the State Education Department and the field.


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+ (basic math) - for Elementary Schools
X (algebra) - for Junior High Schools
i (complex numbers) - for Senior High Schools
(the integral) - for Colleges and Universities

Adopted in 1957, designed by Mr. Richard Elfers, the mathematical symbols were used to indicate the four levels of instruction of the membership.

The lines were drawn to show the intersecting interests of a part of a particular sector of the whole, but all are bound by a perimeter of AMTNYS membership. The Association name is used as a frame for the whole seal.

AMYNYS Seal is available for promotional use