AMTNYS Distinguished Service Award

The AMTNYS Distinquished Service Award is given annually to an AMTNYS member in recognition of extensive high quality service to the Association.AMTNYS Past-Presidents, the current President, and the current President-Elect are not eligible to receive the award. The award is presented at the Annual Meeting. (NOTE: There are many very gifted individuals, but this award is reserved for those who have served AMTNYS faithfully in a variety of ways.)

Nominations for this award may be made by any AMTNYS member. These nominations are collected by the Past-Presidents' Advisory Committee chair by June 1st. Then, the Past-Presidents' Advisory Committee selects the DSA recipient from among these nominees.

Nominations can be sent via e-mail to Jim Matthews or by sending via regular mail to: Jim Matthews, PO Box 33, Old Chatham, NY 12136-0033.

Basically, all we need from a nomination is:

the nominee's name
comments about why this person is worthy of the award
the name of the submitter (you)

Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Keary Howard 2017
Fred Roberts 2016
Caryl Lorandini 2015
John Bailey 2014
Frank Sobierajski 2013
Susan McKenna 2012
Timothy Frawley 2011
Margery Masters 2010
Beryl Szwed 2009
Laurie Rosborough 2008
Sheila Bamberger 2007
Sheila Dolgowich 2006
Mary Altieri 2005
Richard Swanson 2004
Linda Pearles 2003
Sue Cloen 2002
John Balzano 2001
Lynn Richbart 2000
Joe Manuel 1999
Ardyce Elmore 1998
Rose Ambrosino 1997
Mary Genier 1996
Elyne Schulte * 1995
Helene Silverman 1994
Ernie Kelly 1993
Fred Paul 1992
Dick Gilbert * 1991
Jean Dowd 1990
Marilyn Hanlon 1989
Marie Muller * 1988
Ona Masters * 1987
Gladys Hamilton * 1986

* deceased